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Various selection of pictures from 2003 in AOW Photo dive. Click on pictures for medium view. Right-click/save to save and/or view different resolutions.

   Big ol' sheepshead hiding in a mudcave/crack/whatever.
La Jolla Shores, CA

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   Something that was in focus. Most of the pics came out like crap. And this was supposed to be my AOW photoclass. What a waste of time and $, i can figure this on my own : (
50-90ft, La Jolla Shores, CA

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   Here fishie fishie. There's calypso Rob's fingers holding the guitar fish...
the depths of LJ Shores, CA

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   Coming back to shore it gets sandy. It's cold and I'm glad the dive is over, something hit me underwater and kinda freaked me out. Sucker hurt whatever it was...
30ish feet, LJ Shores, CA

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